Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sachin at Tussauds

The wax statue of 'Master Blaster' Sachin Tendulkar will be revealed at Madame Tussauds in Baker Street,London in a couple of months. After which he will be the first Indian sportsperson to be featured at Madame Tussauds.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rahman bags the Oscars

A.R.Rahman was announced winner of the Best Score for 'Slumdog Millionaire' and Best Song for 'Jai Ho' from the same at the 81st Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. A.R.Rahman is the first Indian to win two Oscars. Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscars and won 8 out of the 9 categories it was nominated in. Resul Pookutty for sound mixing and Gulzar, were the other winners from India.

A.R.Rahman has already won the award for Best Music for 'Slumdog Millionaire' at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) , Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award 2009.

He is definitely on a winning spree !! Jai Ho Rahman !!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Indian team have changed their jersey. The new jersey is darker than the previous one which the team will be sporting on India's tour of New Zealand. India will be playing five ODI's , three Tests and two T20 games. M.S.Dhoni said that,the new outfit being darker won't become dirty soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Shah Rukh Khan was discharged from the Breach Candy Hospital today afternoon. He made a quiet exit from the back entrance of the hospital to avoid media glare.He was visited by his friends Rani Mukherji, Karan Johar and Farah Khan. They tried to keep the things around him quiet so that the others were not inconvenienced.

SRK was admitted for a shoulder surgery yesterday afternoon after injuring the same while shooting for an action sequence of Dulha Mil Gaya and was successfully operated by Dr.Sanjay.The Doctors have advised King Khan to cease all stunt performances or vigorous movements for a month.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bala and Surya team up again

Bala who is riding high on the success of 'Naan Kadavul' is ready to start off with his next venture. But this time B Studios his production house will be producing the film and he will be taking a break from direction. Two films are to be produced simultaneously starring 'Surya' and Jayam 'Ravi' directed by Ram Sathya and Ravi respectively. Ravi is one of the associates of Bala and his relative too. Ram Sathya has already directed 'Maayavi' for B Studio.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Schumi injured in bike crash

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher was admitted in the hospital after a crash during the super bike testing at a track in Cartagena, Spain.He has injured his neck, ribs and wrist. Hoping to see the champ back in action soon!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pramod Mutalik : Sarees in return

Well seems like Mutalik is all set to face the campaign and has told that all those who gift him will be presented with sarees as return gift. And also added that the campaign shows the outlook of the people and his members have already started collecting sarees.

In the mean time the campaigners have removed the collection boxes from Law Forum Office and Infantry road, Bangalore because the campaign seemed to be creating quite a buzz and public are disturbing the working of the office . This shows the immense support it has got from the public.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy V'day Mutalik

So people guess what’s in store for Mutalik this V'day ? Its pink undergarments. Several group of women from the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward women are asking the people to show their love to Mutalik by sending cheap dirty pink undergarments.

The members of this association have been spreading about this movement across the city and they have also arranged collection centers. There are a number of youth associations joining hands in this campaign. "Join in. Have fun and fight back”. Well seems like a symbolic protest against beating up women and fighting for their fundamental rights.


India proves to be the undisputed T2o world champions. There by proving that they are very good run chasers too. The Pathan brothers led India to victory by putting up an unbreakable 58 run partnership off 25 balls towards the end of the play. The brothers kept the score board ticking towards the end, thus leading India to Victory. Yusuf Pathan was awarded the man of the match award.


Priyanka Chopra after refusing the rumours of being in relationship with Hurman Baweja after stayin four years together is with Shahid Kapoor, the new guy on the line. And never is she gonna accept the same with Shahid too. Piggy Chops who is shooting in Chicago for her forthcoming movie, is in constant touch with Shahid through internet and phone. They both live in the same building at Versova.

They have been exchanging messages on Face book. And Piggy Chops is addicted to

Face book and is in constant touch with all her friends. And she has even made him use his account more actively. They have been writing on each others walls. Shahid is addressed as Shaks and Piggy Chops as Peefee. Well lets hope that this 'Kismat' remains Konnected !!


CAST: Arya , Pooja , Rajendran , Krishnamoorthy.



Nearly four years of hard work of the cast and the crew has finally paid off. This movie has created quite a buzz in Kollywood. This flick being considered as Bala's magnum-opus has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks after the release of the trailer. Well what makes this movie so impressive and special, Is it Ilaiyaraja's background score? Or Bala's script and screenplay? Or the lead pair's performance?

Bala who is known for his naturalistic films has come up with “Naan Kadavul” (I’m God) this time not differing from his genre. Well, what is this story all about? Candidly speaking there no strong storyline in this movie. Viewers who go with expectations are taken aback. This story broods on the austere realities of the life that prevail in this society and is being narrated in Bala's inimitable style.

The film kicks off with the song Om Shivom and mind-blowing visuals of Kasi, where a father along with his daughter, rambles on the streets of this city in search of his son who he abandoned 14 years ago after the prediction of an astrologer that the son would bring bad luck to the family. Then with the help of the priest Sharma who initially berates them for their act goes in search of the boy.

Then they locate Rudhran (Arya) who is now an Aghori.Rudhran is trained to live on the cremation grounds and inhale the smoke from the burning corpses and is devoid of human relations and emotions. He has great physical power and calls himself God - Aham Brahmasmi. Sharma helps in seeking permission from his guru to send Rudhran to his native village Malaikovil in Tamil Nadu. On return, his mom is traumatized on seeing his state of Aghori. She tries to caress him with her love and affection and tries to prove that she is not responsible for abandoning him but in vain.

A remorseless criminal Thandavan runs a network with hundreds of beggars with distorted children, physically handicapped and aged. Thandavan is assisted by Murugan, who is unwilling to do these cruel deeds, but still scared to go against his boss. Hamsavalli (Pooja) is being kidnapped by Murugan because she has a great voice and is handed over to his boss. Mean while another gangster who runs a similar group in Kerala comes to Thandavan to buy some beggars for price with the help of a local cop. And Thandavan tries to make a bigger deal out of Hamsavalli.This is when the pace of the story increases.How the prayers of the poor are heard by Rudhran who is always in a state of mediation and how he takes hold of the criminals is what the remaining story is all about with a spellbinding climax.

As far as the movie is concerned it is a simple story with a transfixing screenplay. Bala has taken immense care to give this realistic flick. Arya has definitely stepped up to the next level of acting through this film and has very few dialogues, his flaming looks and yogic physique is worth a mention. This is one of the best performances of Pooja till date and is sure of sweeping the awards nationally. But after watching the life of beggars for a long it gives you a ghoulish feeling, creating an impact even after the movie. The places where the beggars are held captive and the train sequences of Rudhran reminds us about Sethu and Pithamagan respectively. The stunts are always natural in his Bala's films and this one is no different.

The director has not let the audiences down. This film is definitely WORTH THE WAIT. 4/5.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hairdressers not happy with the title 'Billu Barber' :

These days very few films release with out getting into controversies. This time its SRK's Billu Barber joining the bandwagon after Ghajini and Victory. The Beauty Parlors Association is unhappy with the title and they want it to be Billu Hairdresser as they find the word Barber as a disparaging and insulting. Meanwhile the Association's secretary has had a word with SRK's spokesperson, who has promised for a special screening of the film for the members of the Association. The Secretary has also informed that necessary action will be taken in case they find anything unsavory. The members have been provided with posters and CD's to put up in the shops across the city. Well this seems to be a new way for marketing the film

Friday, February 6, 2009


CAST : Angelina Jolie , Michael Kelly , John Malkovich , Jeffrey Donovan , Jason Butler Harner , Eddie Alderson and Gattlin Griffith.

DIRECTOR : Clint Eastwood.

GENRE : Drama / Mystery.

Well this story is based on a couple of actual events that occurred in Los Angeles in the 1920's. Clint Eastwood's Changeling is a story about a woman who is driven to take on a corrupted LAPD after her kidnapped son is retrieved, but she begins to distrust that the boy is not her son.

Christine who works for the Department of Telephone Exchange, says goodbye to her son Walter and leaves for work. And on returning home, Christine was dysphoric to see that her son was missing. The despairing mother tries to launch a search which seemed to be of no use. And several months later Christine was informed that her son was found alive and a reunion in front of the press is arranged in order to neutralize the criticism of the department.

After seeing the boy, Christine abnegates that he is not her child. Even though the boy claims to be her son, Captain Jones of the juvenile department tries to prove that he is her son presses her to take the boy with her on a trial basis. After bringing the kid back home she identifies that he is 3 inches shorter than Walter and he also been circumcised which she confronts to Jones. He sends a Doctor to visit her who tells Christine that, the boy is shorter because the trauma he has been through over the couple of months has shrunk his spine and the guy who took the had him circumcised. Mean while there is a newspaper article that connotes Christine is unfit to be a mother. One day she meets up with Briegleb, and he says that the story was planted by the department to disrepute her and he also tells her about the corruption prevailing in the department. Mean while Walter's teacher and dentist give Christine signed letters confirming the boy is a shammer.And Christine in a press conference arranged by her tells the truth.Agitated Jones puts her in the Hospital's psychopathic ward. Christine bonds with Carol one of the inmates, who tells Christine that she is one of the several women who were incarcerated for confronting the police. Dr.Steele reckons Christine neurotic and forces her to take pills. And he says he will release if she acknowledges that she was mistaken for Walter which she refuses.

And Detective Ybarra is called to a ranch at Wine Ville to arrange the transportation of 15 year old Clark to Canada. Gordon who is the boy's uncle has fled after being alerted by Ybarra to his visit. Clark confesses to Ybarra that Gordon forced him to assist in kidnapping and murdering kids and identifies Walter one of them. Jones tells Briegleb that Christine is in protective custody following a breakdown. Jones decrees Clark deported, but Ybarra makes Clark reveal the murder site and the man behind the scene. Briegleb secures Christine's release by showing Steele a newspaper that details the Wine Ville killings and names Walter her son could be a possible victim. And after interrogating the boy who is assumed to Walter he confesses that his motif was secure transportation to LA to see his favorite actor Tom Mix and also added that the police told him to lie about being Christine's child.

Mean while Gordon is arrested in Vancouver, Canada at his sister's place. Christine has an attorney secure a court order to release the women unfairly imprisoned by police. On the day of the hearing into the case Christine and Briegleb arrive at the city Hall where they bump thousands of protestors asking for answers from the city. The council concludes that Jones and Davis the Police Chief should be removed and Gordon is found guilty of murder and is held to solitary confinement for a period of two years and sentenced to death by hanging.

Two years later Christine has still not given up her search for Walter and she is informed that Gordon is willing to admit killing Walter on condition Christine meets him before his execution. Gordon refuses to tell whether Walter is killed or not and he is executed the very next day. And Five years later, David one of the boys assumed to have been killed was found alive and after he was interrogated by Ybarra it reveals that David, Walter and another boy escaped but were separated. Thus giving Christine hope that, Walter is still alive.

On the whole CHANGELING is definitely worth a watch. 3.5 / 5 .