Tuesday, February 10, 2009


CAST: Arya , Pooja , Rajendran , Krishnamoorthy.



Nearly four years of hard work of the cast and the crew has finally paid off. This movie has created quite a buzz in Kollywood. This flick being considered as Bala's magnum-opus has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks after the release of the trailer. Well what makes this movie so impressive and special, Is it Ilaiyaraja's background score? Or Bala's script and screenplay? Or the lead pair's performance?

Bala who is known for his naturalistic films has come up with “Naan Kadavul” (I’m God) this time not differing from his genre. Well, what is this story all about? Candidly speaking there no strong storyline in this movie. Viewers who go with expectations are taken aback. This story broods on the austere realities of the life that prevail in this society and is being narrated in Bala's inimitable style.

The film kicks off with the song Om Shivom and mind-blowing visuals of Kasi, where a father along with his daughter, rambles on the streets of this city in search of his son who he abandoned 14 years ago after the prediction of an astrologer that the son would bring bad luck to the family. Then with the help of the priest Sharma who initially berates them for their act goes in search of the boy.

Then they locate Rudhran (Arya) who is now an Aghori.Rudhran is trained to live on the cremation grounds and inhale the smoke from the burning corpses and is devoid of human relations and emotions. He has great physical power and calls himself God - Aham Brahmasmi. Sharma helps in seeking permission from his guru to send Rudhran to his native village Malaikovil in Tamil Nadu. On return, his mom is traumatized on seeing his state of Aghori. She tries to caress him with her love and affection and tries to prove that she is not responsible for abandoning him but in vain.

A remorseless criminal Thandavan runs a network with hundreds of beggars with distorted children, physically handicapped and aged. Thandavan is assisted by Murugan, who is unwilling to do these cruel deeds, but still scared to go against his boss. Hamsavalli (Pooja) is being kidnapped by Murugan because she has a great voice and is handed over to his boss. Mean while another gangster who runs a similar group in Kerala comes to Thandavan to buy some beggars for price with the help of a local cop. And Thandavan tries to make a bigger deal out of Hamsavalli.This is when the pace of the story increases.How the prayers of the poor are heard by Rudhran who is always in a state of mediation and how he takes hold of the criminals is what the remaining story is all about with a spellbinding climax.

As far as the movie is concerned it is a simple story with a transfixing screenplay. Bala has taken immense care to give this realistic flick. Arya has definitely stepped up to the next level of acting through this film and has very few dialogues, his flaming looks and yogic physique is worth a mention. This is one of the best performances of Pooja till date and is sure of sweeping the awards nationally. But after watching the life of beggars for a long it gives you a ghoulish feeling, creating an impact even after the movie. The places where the beggars are held captive and the train sequences of Rudhran reminds us about Sethu and Pithamagan respectively. The stunts are always natural in his Bala's films and this one is no different.

The director has not let the audiences down. This film is definitely WORTH THE WAIT. 4/5.

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