Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Priyanka Chopra after refusing the rumours of being in relationship with Hurman Baweja after stayin four years together is with Shahid Kapoor, the new guy on the line. And never is she gonna accept the same with Shahid too. Piggy Chops who is shooting in Chicago for her forthcoming movie, is in constant touch with Shahid through internet and phone. They both live in the same building at Versova.

They have been exchanging messages on Face book. And Piggy Chops is addicted to

Face book and is in constant touch with all her friends. And she has even made him use his account more actively. They have been writing on each others walls. Shahid is addressed as Shaks and Piggy Chops as Peefee. Well lets hope that this 'Kismat' remains Konnected !!

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