Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pramod Mutalik : Sarees in return

Well seems like Mutalik is all set to face the campaign and has told that all those who gift him will be presented with sarees as return gift. And also added that the campaign shows the outlook of the people and his members have already started collecting sarees.

In the mean time the campaigners have removed the collection boxes from Law Forum Office and Infantry road, Bangalore because the campaign seemed to be creating quite a buzz and public are disturbing the working of the office . This shows the immense support it has got from the public.

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  1. Hi, Tell him to learn from the culture of Devadasis and the culture that existed in the 12th century as shown in the sculptures of Khajuraho Group of Temples, especially in the Lakshman Temple. These temples were not built by westerners, but the Kings of Chandela Dynasty. Similarly, the devadasi culture existed till recent times in Karnataka. Also ask him and his followers to look at the sculptures in most of the temples in South India and Orissa. All these depict scenes from Kamasutra. Let him and his followers demolish these temples first, as according to him these are NOT suitable for "his self-invented" Indian culture. Some "mild type" of Khajuraho Sculptures are at my blog post here: . Anyway, congratulations for your BOLD posts. Keep it up.
    Krishna K. Pillai,