Thursday, May 28, 2009

Indian students attacked in Australia

In a fresh incident of racial attack , a 25 year old student was stabbed in Melbourne while another student from Andhra Pradesh,India was battling for life after an assault by local teenagers. Baljinder Singh was attacked on Monday when two men carrying weapons approached him. The attackers demanded money from the students and as Baljinder was searching through his bag to hand over the wallet he was jabbed in the abdomen. As Baljinder Singh screamed for his life the attackers fled the scene.

Baljinder Singh said he was stabbed when he bent down. And he just wanted to save his life and yelled "Don't kill me." The attackers just laughed at him when he was screaming. Baljinder Singh is in critical condition in hospital and feels that Australia is not a safe nation for foreign students. Looks like the safety of the Indian students studying abroad is under threat.

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