Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dhoni denies rumours of coldwar with Sehwag

It was a suprising evening when the entire Indian team turned up at the pre-match press conference at Trent Bridge on Friday in a "show of unity" following media reports of a rift between senior players.

After the entire team assembled, skipper MS Dhoni read out a statement to "the people of India and Indian cricket fans worldwide". He said, the team was unified, "as good as it has ever been with each individual supporting each other on and off the field". He called the reports published in the Indian media recently is just a rumour.

He added that the entire team is unified , confident and well prepared. Once the report was read out Dhoni and his boys walked off.

The reports had pointed to Dhoni's replies - at a recent press conference , on Sehwag's injury as indicative of a rift between the two. Sehwag yet to bat on the tour, is suffering from a shoulder injury and Dhoni said he wasn't sure when he'd be able to play.

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